How To Start A Daycare

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Daycare Requirements 101


The day care niche is expanding. The market increases year by year as many people opt for working at home or running their own business. Just in the United States, there are 350,000 day care centers and day care homes licensed and running. The figure doesn't even include unregistered day care centers which are also rampant in the country. There are many things to consider when starting a Day Care Center or a Day Care Home. Just like any business, it needs much planning and many things to do.

If you are thinking of setting up your own day care business, you should be aware of the requirements and minimum standards set by the government. Day care providers have to meet certain requirements before being able to register and get a license. Day care prerequisites are endowed by government regulatory agencies to ensure that day care programs are meeting the standards for child care. Start off by finding out what the preconditions are for your country or state. You might be asked to make a notice of intent and a written application stating your desire to set up a day care center. Make a draft of your own day care center and check if you can meet the requirements. If you want to offer the best care program ever, go beyond the standard and aim to exceed the requirements. This would give you an edge when government agencies come and visit you one day.

Most likely, government agencies would be checking all or most of the following:

1. Space capacity.
-This would include floor space and outdoor play space

2. Staffing
-Qualifications of Day care directors, teachers, substitutes, and aides

3. Ages of children to be enrolled

4. Learn and Play programs

5. Food Standards
-Food Sources, Food Storage and Preparation

6. Safety Standards

7. Equipments
- Tables, Chairs, Boards, Lighting, Telephone,

8. Sanitary Facilities
-Water Supply, Toilets and Sinks, Toiletries

9. Transportation

10. Health Standards

Once you meet all the requirements, the government would be willing to give you the license to run your own day care center or day care home. However, government inspectors and consultants will continually visit day care centers to ensure that they are constantly meeting the standards. Now and then, they would inspect programs and facilities for compliance of the regulations. Most visits are unannounced. Information gathered during the visits is documented and are open for the public to see. Make sure that your day care center gets good reports. Good Impression equals a very high demand for your center.

Be advised that every country or state has their own requirements or standards. If you are planning on running your own Day Care Business, the first step is to find out what the requirements and regulations are in your specific location. It could help to visit your country or state’s National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education. After you have met the requirements and given a license to operate as a Day Care provider, you are on your way to one of the world’s fast expanding industry.

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