How To Start A Daycare

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Advertising Your Own Daycare Center


After meeting all the government requirements, acquiring a license, buying day care equipment, and employing day care teachers, the next thing you might want to do is to get your day care center advertised. This is actually one of the fun parts of setting up a day care center. Most day care providers are eager to spread the word around. They would come up with various ways of advertising their day care business. You might want to do the same. But how do you actually advertise your own day care center with a budget in mind? Following is a list of ideas that could help you with the process of advertising.

Try advertising online. The Internet offers you with plenty of both free and paid web pages to advertise your day care center. There are websites like Craig’s which allows you to post an advertisement for free. This website actually gets thousands of visitors a day. There is a big chance for your day care center advertisement to be read by many. You might want to search if there is a local website catering to your specific state or country. They may or may not ask you for a fee to get your day care center advertised. If ever you need to pay for a fee, it would not really cost you an arm and a leg.

Make a blog about your website. Blogs are usually free and you can use your creativity in promoting your day care center using your blog.,, and are some of the choices you can consider. Write all the details about your day care center. Post pictures and make your blog very informative.

Create your own day care center business card. This is easy to do. You can create your business card using your computer. Print it out and pass them around. You can opt for factory made business cards if you wish. Take your cards with you wherever you go. If you meet a friend, hand more than one card and ask him if he can help you spread the word around. If you are a church person, bring your business card to church and pass it around after the service. You can think of leaving your card in the local library or local restaurants and stores too.

Make colorful leaflets, flyers or banners. You can spend a day or two passing out leaflets about your day care center in the busy streets of your town. In places where you are allowed to post banners or posters, go ahead and post your ready made banners. Always remember to provide all the necessary information about your day care center on all of your banners, flyers or leaflets.

It goes without saying that if you follow all the process in setting up a day care center, you would soon find yourself successful in the business. Advertising your day care center is one of the major steps in making your day care business off the ground and rolling.

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