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Choosing The Right Books for your Daycare Center


The fun part of running your own day care center is the excitement of buying toys, equipments, and books that you would need. It gives you the feel of really being in control of your own business and the enjoyment of having your own creative skills honed. Shopping for things for the day care center is a lucrative task compared to getting your center licensed, safe proofing the area, and advertising your service.

When shopping for your day care centerís needs, there are some things that you need to consider. Buying the right kind of books would be one important bit you should not forget. Books are great tools to open up a world of interaction, fantasy, knowledge and creativity into a childís life. Even at the first years of life, a book can help develop a childís skill, specially the skill of reading. Yes, the process of reading can start as early as the toddler years. Therefore, choosing the right kind of books is as important as choosing the right equipment pieces and toys for your day care center. Following would be a list of points to consider when buying books.

Tots ages 0-1 are fascinated with vibrant pictures, especially of familiar people or objects. Buy sturdy books with vivid pictures. Big books would be a great idea since it would show a clear picture of an object or a person. It would be nice to have one picture per page. Musical books or books that give out sounds would surprise a child and get her more excited. Another great idea would be to buy books where you can insert a childís photograph or a photograph of his family, teacher or playmates.

Kids from ages 1 to 3 knows how to experiment with things. They can flip through book pages and point at pictures that interest them. Buying books made out of thick paper can help them turn the pages easily. At this point, they can name pictures and would listen to a short story. It would be nice to have books about family, animals, food, cars, or things that they can see around them. Some kids this age enjoy looking closely at pictures and can do matching games. Get them books with bright, attractive and distinct illustrations.

Children ages three to five enjoys being read aloud to. Fairy tale books, bedtime story books, and rhymes are suitable for this age group. They would want you to keep reading stories to them. Vary the tone of your voice and the speed of your reading to make them more interested in listening. Books that would give them the chance to play matching games, naming games and guessing games are a good idea to keep them involved and motivated as well. Some kids at this age can also write, and they do love to color. Coloring books and puzzles can be bought for these kids.

You can make your day care center a place for both you and the children to have fun. Simply have the right materials, toys, equipment, and books and running your own day care center would be a piece of cake.

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