How To Start A Daycare

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Choosing The Right Kind Of Care Center


There are different kinds of care centers to choose from. Most people would only think of a day care center as a place where they can drop their kids in the morning, leave off for work, and get the kids back after work is over. This is the traditional and most common type of care center. There are a few more to consider and each is unique in its own way.

A care center designed for toddlers is known as the Family Care service. Parents bring their kids to your home or you pick them up from theirs. You take care of them in the comfort of your home. It is much the same as baby sitting but for Family Care service, you cater to the tots in your own house.

The opposite of the Family Care service is the Home Care service. This kind of care service is ideal for parents who have appointments at night. This time you, as the care provider, would go to the kidsí house at a specific time stated by the parents. You would act as a nanny or baby sitter of the kids while their parents are away. You have to wait until the parents are home before you can leave.

The Child Care Development Home is the least known type of care center. It is a private residence catering to only a limited number of children. Only one to five children are allowed and not more than two infants in the group.

A care service designed for school children is the "Before and After School Care". The center is open for the whole day and caters to different kinds and levels of children in the morning and in the afternoon. The children are sent to these care centers after school or even before school. It all depends on their schedule and their parentsí availability to look after them.

A care center that provides almost the same service as that of a preschool is known as the Nursery School. It operates the same time as a preschool, during the school year. At a very young age, children are exposed to learning the alphabet, numbers, and songs. Most of the time is spent playing but studying is also integrated in the program. Fun activities are used to teach kids basic skills. Nursery classes do not last longer than five hours. It usually takes only two to four hours depending on the school. It is like giving the kids a feel of what it is to be at grade school.

Managing your own day care center could be the best business for you. The benefits are really rewarding. Just think of working with kids who can actually influence your life and at the same time getting paid of doing something lucrative. But first things first, know what kind of care service you are willing to provide and that you can manage. Once you have decided on this single step, you can proceed further on your journey to a thousand miles.

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