How To Start A Daycare

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Daycare Record Keeping


As a day care provider, there is a need for you to keep records of almost everything. Record keeping provides accountability for your business. Day care center business is a profitable market so expect that the Department of Revenue will be requiring you to keep track of the money you are making. Other groups or organizations that would be demanding for documents from you would include the state authorities, health agencies, licensing department, parents, staff, funding agencies and more. Records have to be thorough, well organized and accurate. The following are a compiled list of records which are required by most groups or organizations.

Children's records are crucially valuable. These would include the enrollment form, health forms, waivers, authorization letters from parents, and school progress records. The Enrollment form is to be filled up by the parents on or before the start of class. It should include all of the child's demographics. Other information that needs to be provided includes the child's home address, parents and guardians name, contact numbers, emergency contact information, and more. Information about the child's habits like toileting, nap, discipline methods, and skills are important too. The enrollment form should be signed by the parents confirming that all that is written therein are true. Parents are also required to provide information about the child's health history. The day care center should secure a copy of every kidís immunization record and medical and health records.

Aside from records of students, staff records should also be organized. It should have information about the teachers resume, reference records, job description, first date of employment, health record, criminal history, medical tests, transcripts, certificates, performance evaluations and development plans.

Every day care facility should have its own curriculum records. It is in these forms that daily, weekly, or monthly activity plans are recorded. Daily schedules, monthly themes and yearly goals should also be in print. Public relation forms should be compiled as a different entity. News releases, newspaper clippings, brochures, posters, advertisements, and even business cards are included in this form. Every staff meetings, parents-teachers meetings should be recorded as well.

In cases of health issues, having a medication and injury log is helpful especially when accountability is in question. Always have a documentation of medications administered and injuries on the premises and field trips.

You need to have a record filed and kept in order. It is nice to have separate files for each category of records you have. Keep them in large envelopes or folders. Try to visit other day care providers in your neighborhood and see how they organize their record-keeping system. They can give you an idea on how you would be making yours. Do not hesitate to approach them; they have been in your position once. They would be happy to lend you a hand by giving you an idea of how to run things for your day care center.

When time comes that you need to present proofs or records of things happening around your day care center, you would be happy to have made all the efforts of keeping a good file.

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