How To Start A Daycare

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Different Kinds Of Daycare Centers You Can Start


Running your own Day Care Center could be the perfect business for you. That is if you have loads of love, patience, kindness and understanding for children. The benefits of having your own day care center are really rewarding. Emotionally, you influence the kids you take care of and they touch your life in return. Financially, you will gain profit even while staying at home. This type of career would also give you the enjoyment of spending more time with your own kids.

Starting a day care center is a breeze. The first thing you might want to consider is the kind of day care center you want to start. Yes, there are different kinds of day care centers. Each is unique in its own way. You might want to check and review which kind you would prefer to start off with. Following are a list of day care centers you might choose from.

The Family care service is designed for toddlers. You can provide care for these tots in your own home. Either you go to the kidís home and pick him up or the parents bring them to your house. Itís like baby sitting, but the good thing is everything happens in your own house.

The Home care service is quite the opposite of the Family care service. This kind of day care requires you to go to the kidís house and look after them there. You would be the nanny or the baby sitter while the parents are away.

The Child Care development home is another kind of day care service you can provide. This is a private residence for only a limited number of children. The maximum would be a five, but with only one or two infants in the group.

Another option would be to run a ďBefore and after school careĒ. As the words imply, this is a program where you provide care for school age children before and after their time at school. With this kind of day care center, you would be catering to different kinds of children in the morning and in the afternoon. Basically, it all depends on the kids schedule at school.

A school-like day care center is the Nursery School. This is almost the same as a preschool. It operates during the school year and provides opportunities for kids to learn at a very young age and at the same time interact with other children. Itís like giving them a feel of what it is to be when they get to school. Nursery schools usually last for not more than five hours. Their time at school would be spent more on singing, playing and a little bit of learning how to count and write.

As the saying goes, ďA journey to a thousand miles starts with a single stepĒ. When we are talking about day care center service, that one step could be to know what kind of day care center you would like to run. You might have many things to consider so start writing them down and go for the one that suits you.

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