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Fun Summer Outdoor Activities For Daycare Kids


It's the best way for the preschool children to cool off sometimes and have fun for a change outdoors. So as a preschool teacher, you must find creative ways to treat your students to an outdoor summer spree.

Many day care centers opt for a swim on a child's pool. However, this might create a problem, considering these pools may not be safe, and that you would have to hire a lifeguard on duty to protect these kids. Since these children are vulnerable to dehydrations and will less likely to recognize the symptoms. Therefore, you need to plan ahead on an activity that will keep children cool and hydrated

One day care center that is very famous for doing outdoor activities during the hot summer is a game called “Splish, Splish, Splash.” This type of game is similar to “Duck, Duck, Goose.” The only difference is that it can be played in a smaller scale or in a small group. The “ducker” has a cup filled with water, and the child holding it must pass it around on each child and sticks a hand into the cup, dribbles a small amount of water onto the child’s head. When the ducker reaches the child that is the “Goose,” he or she unloads the remaining water on that child’s head.

Another kind of game which is also a favorite among children is the one that involve water balloons. With this type of game, the teacher must be prepared to get wet. Everyone may run around freely and with the risk of getting hurt in a traditional water-balloon fight. However, to make it more interesting and less risky for the kids, the teacher throws the water balloon up into the air, and it’s up to the children to catch it. Here is the catch: once somebody does, he or she can aim it to the teacher who cannot run away. This creates a fun atmosphere where children can create a playful bond with the teachers.

When there's a time for a beach day, it's better for the children to come in with swimsuits and have fun with sprinklers, water balls, bubbles, beach balls, and more. You may prepare for a special treat unlike those typical snacks that they are used to. You can contact any local ice cream truck and visit the place.

These games are nice and refreshing for a change since this gives a chance for the children to loosen up and run around freely, unlike in a classroom setting. As long as the children are having fun, you don’t have to worry about crying kids for a few hours.

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