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Health Related Requirements For A Daycare Center


Keeping a healthy environment is a requirement for all day care centers. It is a care providerís responsibility to check that the area, all the stuff and most especially the children are healthy. First aid treatments, medications and other health related aids should be available in the center. In cases of the presence of a disease, day care center providers should be knowledgeable of basic health procedures. There are important things to consider when health issues are discussed. The following is a basic guide in making sure that your day care center is ready for any health related problems that may occur.

Make sure that every person in the day care center is healthy. Children, teachers and other stuff should be observed for signs of any communicable disease. Symptoms could vary from severe coughing, rapid breathing, diarrhea, fever, yellowish skin or urine, and pink eyes. When a teacher is suspected of being sick, he or she should be removed from the area or isolated until he gets well. This would stop an outbreak of a disease. When kids are observed to have health issues, it should directly be reported to the parents or legal guardians.

The day care center should be equipped with an isolation area or a clinic. This should be designed in a way that it is adequately ventilated, heated, and sanitized. Beds, mats or any equipment should be available for a child who becomes ill while in the center. There should at least be one personnel looking after the sick child until the parents or guardians come for him. For worsening conditions, where parents can not be reached, medical help should be sought.

Each day care center should have at least one member who is trained to perform first aid for an infant or a child. He should have a valid certificate of first aid course completion. At the same time, first aid kits should be made available for them. It should be accessible to child care stuff but kept out of children's reach.

Post emergency telephone numbers like ambulance, police, fire, poison, or public health unit in the center. Addresses and directions to these health facilities should also be noted. This helps in cases where health emergencies occur. It is always best to be ready and to know where to call for help.

Always notify the parents and guardians in the event of a child having a serious illness, injury or any kind of accident. Their instructions about the matter should be respected and followed. If the parents or guardians could not be reached, the best thing for a provider to do is to check on the forms signed up by the parents. If they have included names of other people that you can contact, then that is the best thing to do.

Documentation is important when incidents of health issues occur at the day care center. Always document what happened, date and time of the occurrence, actions taken, and who take care of the problem. Share the document to the parents and have them sign it.

Be advised that health related issues are not to be taken lightly. It is best to be always prepared and knowledgeable to keep you and the day care center from unwanted incidents of a bad report.

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