How To Start A Daycare

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Start Your Own Daycare Service Business


With today's economy still striving to recover from the ever increasing oil price and unemployment rate still high in many countries, a great solution and a recession proof business suitable for many people is to look for an easy to operate business. Many people think of large expenses or an experience is a must in starting a daycare business. However, this is a unique business that does not require neither one of these.

Starting your very own daycare business is unique in the job itself; it does not need any experience or any college degree but it would require you to love kids.

To acquire new customers , you can start by creating a simple flyer on your computer. You can also create simple ads that you can post on your local copy shop.

Next is to target business complexes where a lot of parents often hire nannies or babysitters to look after their kids. Try to get as much contracts with a bunch of parents in one area. If you can acquire one and do a great job, you can ask them to write a recommendation for you so that you can also give it to other parents and acquire more businesses.

When the time comes that you have more and more kids to handle, you can already hire other employees or staff to help you take care of the children. Take note that you have to pay them a fair wage. Your task will now focus on acquiring new customers. Do not forget to use those recommendations given to you.

The beauty of starting a daycare business is that you are adding more income and at the same time you are helping parents take care of their kids. Make sure that your staff is doing a great job to meet the expectations of your customers.

You should always make sure that the kids are entertained and happy. This is one sure way to attract more customers and retain existing clients.

As long as they keep a quality service, you will keep acquiring new customers and will soon make your income soar. One good advise is to look for daycare business experts that have been successful in his kind of business. Try to ask them what difficulties they were able to face and how they managed to be successful.

Next is to think if your daycare center and its services needs an added value. Try to consider if your customer will be able to afford it. See if you are the only daycare center who offers a value added. If you are to give an added value then you need to have a market skimming. Market Skimming is when you charge your customers with the highest possible rate. However, before you set a high rate, you need to promote your service and the rate you will charge effectively.

If there are a couple of daycare services in your area who offers pretty much the same thing as what you offer, then you should think about penetration pricing, which means keeping the lowest price for you more customers.

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