How To Start A Daycare

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Daycare Center Franchise Opportunities


The economic downturn has been pressing parents to work full-time, if not double time, in order to meet the needs of the family. We also see the rise of single-parent households making it imperative for the children to have a place where quality care could be provided. For working parents, especially a single parent, the most challenging task is to find a daycare center that can guarantee their children will find the love, care, and protection that they normally get at home. It requires a special person to run a reliable and quality daycare center. Starting a daycare center is no easy task as it will take a lot of study and preparation before you can even embark on the first step which is applying for a license. Nowadays, the task becomes easier with a number of daycare center franchise opportunities that makes starting one less difficult. The following are some of the best franchise opportunities available:

Sylvan Learning Center - One of the elites in the field of daycare center is the Sylvan Learning Franchise that had been in operating for almost 30 years. They are rated number one and they have about 1200 centers all over North America. They pride themselves on the reputation for providing a quality care and excellent environment for the children under their care. Sylvan is strictly protective of their standards but they are always open to individuals who are good and trustworthy and desiring to offer a safe, quality learning environment for children.

Young Rembrandts - They specialize in bringing out the artistic talents and abilities of their students. They do not require a huge monetary investment as they are designated as a home-based business. They help their franchisees by providing the necessary training to build and maintain the daycare business. Trainings on all business aspects, from marketing to the actual care and training of the client children, are provided.

Tutor Time - They offer a very unique franchising opportunity in that you are provided a protected territory once you decided to open your daycare center. They see to it that your daycare center has at least 10,000 potential students within your exclusive territory. No other Tutor Time daycare center will be allowed to operate in your territory, giving you a greater opportunity to succeed. This franchise provides tutoring in science, math, computers, and the arts.

Miss Kimberly's Daycare Center - They offer programs for infants through Pre-Kinder children, specializing in child development. The franchise also offers a protected territory and intensive training for the franchisee on how to run the business. You will be given all the necessary support to make you successful by designing a special program for you as a start up business owner.

Legacy Academy for Children - They try to provide an atmosphere that will bring out the best in every child by promoting an encouraging and safe learning environment. Legacy Academy takes pride on setting a very high standard for child care. They will design a franchise opportunity to make your daycare business grow to a successful venture.

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