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Kinds Of Insurance Needed For A Daycare Center


Insurance is risk management that is intended to hedge against risks of contingent loss done by transferring the risk of the anticipated loss from one entity to another in exchange for the payment of a premium. The insured actually incurs a small loss, that is the premium paid for the coverage, in order to prevent a greater loss like property losses or payment of damages.

Insurance coverage aims to protect a person or a business from risk, liability, and exposure. It aims to give the business owner peace of mind that should something happens, the insurance will cover almost anything from child injury to property damage. By getting the necessary insurance coverage, the business owner's responsibility towards injury or damages will be taken over the insurance company.

For a daycare center, the following are the basic insurance types that will be needed:

Business Insurance - It protects you and your investments against future loses. It also provides protection to both current and future employees of your business.

Fire and accident insurance - These forms of insurance provide protection to you and your property from any risk of accident or fire. The property that you used in your daycare center operation can be rebuilt in the event of fire because you will be compensated for your losses by the insurance company.

Daycare Liability Insurance - This kind of insurance covers almost everything that is related to your daycare business. It covers loss, bodily injury, and legal costs that arise from any accident or injury in the daycare center. A child in the daycare center may trip or sustain any other kind of injury which will require treatment, even hospitalization. Whatever expenses incurred in relation to such injury will be paid for by the insurance company. Anything could happen in a field trip involving the children in your daycare center. Expenses resulting from any accident or injury sustained during the field trip are covered by the liability insurance. If the daycare center will be sued as a result of any injury or bodily harm, the legal expenses are also covered by the insurance company. Legal expenses for child abuse allegations are covered by a daycare liability insurance.

Errors and Omissions Insurance - This is a type of insurance that provides coverage for negligence by daycare center personnel, personal injury on client children and employees as well any accident sustained during field trips involving the children under the care of the daycare facility. This type of insurance covers also medical expenses, including accidents and accidental death of a child who is under the care of the daycare center.

The above-mentioned are the basic types of insurance for a daycare center but there are many other types of insurance that the owner of a facility can avail of in order to provide more protection to his business. But bear in mind that there are different types of insurance coverage for a home daycare center and a commercial daycare centers. Make sure that you get the right kind of insurance for your daycare center business.

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