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Making Your Home Daycare Business Card Work To Your Advantage


Most home daycare services prefer using business cards as their means of marketing their services. Despite this, most of their business cards are just in their drawers, accumulating dust and not circulating in the public. Business cards are meant to circulate or else you are not fulfilling their primary function in the world. You have spent money and time on these cards to advertise your business so make use of them.

Here are some basic tips to get your home daycare business cards out there and finding clients for you.

* If there is an offer for you to drop your business card do it. You will often see a fish bowl or a box in restaurants or cafes that ask you to drop your business cards right? This is a good way to have your business card circulating. Just drop your card, it will not hurt you. There is a chance that one of the staff might need your service or knows someone who might need it.

* Community boards and announcement boards are also a great place where you can put your business card. If you donít have a flier to post, use your business card. Contrary to popular belief, people do actually read the things posted to these boards.

* Business cards can also be used as an ad in news papers and magazines. The information on your business card is enough to serve as classified advertisement. Talk to your local paper and see if you can have this printed in their paper.

* Halloween is a great way to give out your cards. A lot of kits will be tick or treating and giving out your business card together with the treats will be a good way to target your clients. These are young kids and their parents will most likely need a daycare at one point. Slip it into their Halloween packets or if their parents are with them give it directly to their parents. Thatís hitting two birds with one stone.

* Ask your friends and family members to help you with referrals. You can give them a few of your business cards to give out to people who they think might need your service. Theyíre your friends and family, so make them work for you once in a while.

* Trade cards. If you know other businesses that have the same target market as you, you can exchange business cards with them and offer to give out their cards if they would also be willing to give out yours to their clients. You end up benefiting each other.

These are a few other ways where you can have your cards circulating in public. Be creative. If you think itís alright o leave your card somewhere then do so. You donít know who might end up reading it and you might just find yourself a new client. Just make sure that your business cards donít give out personal information. You do not want to be in all sorts of trouble by giving out your personal information.

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