How To Start A Daycare

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Naming Your Daycare Business


A powerful tool in marketing you business is having a good business name. A business name that instantly makes an impact on the market has an edge over business names that are hard to pronounce and difficult to remember. It is not uncommon in the business field to first test market business or brand names.

Choosing a name for your daycare business requires a lot of thought aside from making consideration of so many factors. You need a name that will fit your personality and business outlook as well as the image you want to project in the community. You do not need a name that conveys a wrong message or picture of your business goals.

You need to follow some guidelines in choosing the name for your home daycare center:

Decide on what thoughts and feelings your want your business name to convey. You can try some cutesy name like 'Little Adventurers' if you want to emphasize that children in your daycare center will be out for adventures while under your care. The business name could simply have your own name, like Mary's Daycare Center or bear the name of the place or the region, like Rosemead Daycare Center. It can also sound really educational as in 'Little Geniuses Learning Center' although it may sound like you are overdoing it. Finally, you can attempt to project warmth in your business name, as in 'Your Home Daycare Center' but you might as well stay away from it as it is already very common.

You want people to really 'Get It'. Some people may be overly creative in choosing their business name that the meaning or the idea conveyed is lost. Your business name should clearly show you and the services that you offer.

Get the right name the first time. Make sure that you have given a lot of thought in the business name that you choose to avoid having to change it frequently. There are business that change their names monthly, in the process confusing the public if it is still the same business or someone has put up a new one. Try to find a name that you will keep throughout the duration of your business.

Don't play cute by using funky spelling that you hope will catch the public's attention. It might work the other way around. Stick to a name that is easy to pronounce and to spell.

Check for a name's availability. Make sure it is not used yet by another business so you can avoid potential legal problems. After choosing a business name, printing out the flyers, and putting up the signs in front of your business, it is possible that you will just find in your mailbox a cease-and-desist order from the court because you are using somebody's business name.

Check with the Thesaurus for the right word that can be used as your business name.

Have a list of probable names and ask your family or friends to help you decide which one to adopt for your business.

Register. If you are planning to have a website, you better take the steps to register your domain name immediately before somebody else takes it. You will then be faced with the options of either buying the domain name or changing your business name.

Always remember that you have to take your time in choosing a business name. Never rush into a name that you will have to change soon.

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