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Pricing Strategies For Daycare Owners


One of the most important things you need to consider when it comes to your business is the pricing. How much should you charge for a particular product or service? What are the things that you have to take into consideration? Most business owners who are not very sure of what to do will simply use their competitorís prices and range theirs from there. The question to ask then is, how would you know that their pricing strategy is right?

Letís look at the factors you need to take into consideration when it comes to pricing your products and services. First, you need to determine your pricing objectives. It basically defines what we want to achieve. There are 3 pricing objectives to consider.

Revenue-Oriented Pricing
It is setting a price that will maximize revenue from the target market. For example, if your daycare center is offering something which other daycare centres are not able to offer such as a particular curriculum, then you can consider this objective.

Target Market Pricing
It uses different prices for different target markets. For example, you can offer parents who put more than one child at your daycare center a discount from parents who only place just one child at your center. Next, you need to think about the pricing strategy you are intending to adopt. Pricing strategy defines how you are going to achieve your objective. There are 3 different strategies in which you can adopt.

Market skimming
Do you think that your daycare center or its services generates added value? Do you think your customers will be able to afford it? Are you the only or selected daycare center that is offering it? If you answer is yes, then you can consider market skimming. It basically involves charging the highest possible price. You will need to decide if whatever you are offering is something which the customer values. For example, you are offering a particular curriculum which other daycare centers are not offering and you think that this value added curriculum is something which your customer will be willing to pay for. Or your center is the only center in town that closes at 8pm and it is something which you think your customer values and is willing to pay for. To charge a higher price will also mean that you need to communicate that to your potential customer through effective promotional means.

Price adaptation
The last and most complicated strategy is price adaptation. It is offering different prices to different target market. For example, a parent who places 2 or more children at your daycare center is offered discounts. But what happens when one of the siblings becomes of school going age. It might be difficult to revert back to the higher price.

Pricing strategies is something which plagues many business owners. Whilst pricing lower might mean higher chances of increasing recruitment, the low prices might mean that you need to cut back on some luxuries such as quality meals or curriculum, which could impact the image of your daycare center Therefore, it is important to think very carefully before setting a price because in most instances, itíll be difficult to reverse that decision.

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