How To Start A Daycare

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Scheduling Home Child Care And The Daycare Business


Scheduling one’s daily activities is the cornerstone of a successful day care business. The right timing for business hours, play time, snack time and nap time are but some of the items that would be calendared in one’s schedule. And for a novice in the business, this may seem to be daunting task. Below are some factors for consideration in scheduling the activities in a day care business.

The first item would be the business hours of operation. Some of the factors in making this block time is the need of one’s own family and the needs of the families one cares for. If one has children, then there may be a little more difficulty in pulling this off but it can be done. Picking up and dropping off one’s own children to and from school, after school activities, homework schedules and the school schedule are but elements that come into play when making a schedule for the business.

One may opt to bring the day care children when picking up or dropping off one’s own children but there may be issues with this. One needs to get parental permission for this and may become a sore point in losing possible clients as the children are exposed to unnecessary risk. Another option may be car pooling one’s kids or having them picked up and dropped off by the bus and one waits at the bus stop. Caring for one’s children should be top priority and their age is important as to how much one would want to give the responsibility to others. This is important when it comes to homework. Set aside time and space for one on one sessions with your own child away from the hustle and bustle of the day care so that one can properly guide the child with their own school work.

The other consideration is the schedule of the parents of the children one would be looking after. Their schedules must be coincident with one another so that one can serve more children. Also, commuting time of parents, when they drop off the child and when they are able to pick them up after work would also be a factor in determining the core hours of business for the day care facility.

How the day is structured also helps in multi tasking. Having scheduled meals, depending upon the core hours would be essential in maintaining the health and well being of children. When feeding, one can then do some other household chores. Nap time and play time must also be scheduled so that one is able to prepare for the next activity and be able to rest a little before the day wears on. If the children choose not to take nap times, have them engaged in a quiet activity so that they would not disturb others who are sleeping.

So planning ahead and forecasting one’s schedule is key to one’s successful day care business. Also, cooperation between parents and one’s own family is essential to keep one within the bounds of income earner and family provider.

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