How To Start A Daycare

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Summertime Home Child Care


Running a child care center throughout the year could be very daunting as you have to care for your clients while at the same time caring for your own school age children. If that idea intimidates you, then maybe you can just have your summertime home childcare business.

Having your own school age children at home during summer will make running a summer childcare business in your home a lot more easier and merrier. You children will have other children for company while you are making some income on the side. There will be no dearth of clients because working parents will be looking for someone to look after their children during the summer months. If the children are not old enough to be left home alone, then the best alternative is drop them off to a daycare center where somebody could supervise their activities. Your client children and your own children will have a fun-filled summer with the activities that you will line up for them the whole summer period. You will be able to realize your dream of putting up a daycare center at home minus the year-round commitment.

The first requirement you have to meet is obtaining a license to operate a home daycare center. You have to submit your application for a license after you had seen to it that you meet all the requirements imposed by the state. This will include having the portion of the house, or the entire house if needed, ready for the children. You must have all the equipment, supplies, and utilities required for the daycare center. Above all, you must have yourself and your own children ready for the arrival of the children you will be caring for the entire summer.

By getting ready for the arrival of the children would mean that you are prepared to handle the children who are old enough to be considered toddlers but young enough to be considered grown-ups. At this stage, these children could be showing some attitudes, might be easily provoked, and will tend to be involved in arguments most of the time. You have to set the rules of conduct and you must be firm in implementing them.

Growing children tend to eat a lot as they are very active and restless. You have to provide for their meals and snacks and have a constant supply of drinks which will be in great demand due to the heat of summer. It will be prudent on your part to charge a little bit more fees to cover all these needs and most likely, you will not find resistance or refusal on the part of the parents for they are aware of the eating habits of their children.

Your summer daycare business will be successful if you can line up good activities for the children under your care. Outdoor activities like swimming or trips to zoos and museums will be both entertaining and intellectually rewarding for the children under your care.

If you can make the children under your care satisfied throughout the summer months, you can be sure that they will be coming back next year.

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