How To Start A Daycare

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What A Daycare Business Has To Offer


Usually you start off as a babysitting service. As you learn the ropes and can adjust to the handling of several children in one place, gradually you can offer a full day care service. Things you have to consider if don’t have that much experience yet is that some children have different behavioral patterns that the rest. You may group them according to particular age brackets. The mistake of mixing some older kids with the younger ones is that they don’t coincide with nap times because the older kids seem to be more in the active and run around stage, and then what happens is that it disturbs the younger group and they get tired because they can’t sleep.

There are kids who like the idea of playtime story telling over just the usual “hand me a toy” routine. It is a good avenue to stimulate their creativeness and imagination. Educational games and toys are also part of the learning environment and can get more out of the day care experience. Be sure to check if the toys are safe. Be sure that they do not contain materials that are harmful to children, like lead in the paint of toys. Sometimes smaller children stick them in their mouths and may get lead poisoning. There are a variety of puzzle games which also take a liking to the children. If you can make all the education into play and train their minds to work for it they will absorb the information better. A lot of adults today still remember the good experiences they’ve had while they were in daycare.

You may request the parents to provide the diapers and extra clothes for their children. Upon interviewing the parents of the children you must be very thorough in what your day care service has to offer and teach. This is to make clear to the parents their expectations. After all, they will be leaving and entrusting their children in your care while they are at work. They would like that assurance that their children are safe and at the same time be preoccupied during the time they are there.

Aside from the reading and games the children love snacking. You can prepare recipes which are nutritious as well as delicious for the kids. Try to gather a lot of these recipes, especially when there are designing or decorating on cupcakes or other pastries. You can make it go as a game for them to do also. Kids love the idea of eating what they’re making. Make sure that you don’t forget to ask the parents if their children have any allergies to certain foods or when they come in contact with certain things like powder or liquids. There are state regulations by the way for certain places to require you to have a licensed nurse in the premises when there are a number of children involved or entrusted to an individuals care. Thorough background checking also covers those who are in contact with children, disabled individuals and elderly people.

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